Inspiring one, two or three day mixed media workshop taught by professional artist, Carly Hardy. Or with two
instructors, Carly Hardy and Linda Wunder.


This unique workshop is all about you, the adventurous artist.  Learn fresh approaches to extend the boundaries
of your art. Learn to paint with fresh starts and an open mind. Learn to finish a painting with new creative awareness.


This action packed workshop will start each day with a demonstration, lessons on texture building, color concepts, layering, understanding design principles and more. We will be working with acrylics and other water based mediums.


Whatever your style or level of experience, you will learn secrets to mastering beautiful results with simple tools.

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Painting is a journey into the unknown. I'm lost in the moment of creating, allowing the painting to develop with an unfolding of the mystery which draws me into its depths. This journey has taken me thru many mediums and styles to discover that expression which is from within and uniquely my own.

In this workshop, I will be sharing techniques about how to begin your paintings with a sense of chaos and how to rein those shapes, lines, colors, and abstractions into a finished painting. Throughout this process you will hear me chanting my own mantra "have no fear"!


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My paintings reveal my impressions of and my feelings about the subject. Literal replication must be subordinate to communication. Sentiment and mood should prevail in a successful painting. After extensive observation and study, I often paint from memory, but that memory is refined by the feelings the subject has generated. Abstraction seems to be the child of this process and draws from the subject those less obvious qualities which enable the observer to see features often overlooked.


Linda is a master of collage techniques and will be demonstrating the process and helping students to find their personal abstract style.


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