Carly Hardy

Fine Art

About My Landscapes....


I'm not as interested in capturing the reality of a scene as I am in connecting with the emotions that I feel when a scene catches my eye. First I relax and find that part of the scene that speaks to me with color, with contrast, with an excitement that says, "paint me! paint me!" That connection guides the colors and strokes that make up the painting created on location. Back in the studio, the plein air studies become a signal to my memory....opening new avenues of exploration into the subject.


Achieving the abstract is a slower process than working on location. Underpaintings are sometimes achieved with watercolor, with acrylic, or acrylic inks. The color palette is often determined by the plein air study but not limited to an exact representation.  I concentrate on every line, each shape, constantly checking for relationships that bring harmony to the entire piece.


The music I listen to finds a way into the painting thru the rhythm of strokes and unintentioned gestures.  Lines will combine with shapes forming melodies that only a painting can sing. You might say that painting is my way of making visual music.

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